We Cater Birthday Parties in the Shreveport, LA Area

A Sweet Sixteen Calls for Classic Spun Cotton Candy

Any birthday is worth celebrating, but some birthdays call for over-the-top festivities. That's where Cotton Candy Crush LLC comes in. We can make classic spun cotton candy on-site for parties of all sizes. Now that's a sweet deal!

Our cotton candy services are perfect for Shreveport, LA area residents who are turning...

  • 16 - because a Sweet Sixteen isn't complete without sweets
  • 30 - because your inner child deserves to have some fun
  • 40 - because a spoonful of sugar can help you accept that you're over the hill

Our cotton candy services start at just $65. Call 318-758-2283 now to find out how you can have classic spun cotton candy at your birthday party.