Why Have an Open Bar When You Could Serve Alcohol-Infused Cotton Candy?

We provide cotton candy catering services for weddings in the Shreveport, LA and surrounding areas

Many couples have open bars at their weddings, but you could stand out by serving alcohol-infused cotton candy on your special day. Cotton Candy Crush LLC can make the cotton candy on-site or package it for your guests to enjoy later.

Serving alcohol-infused cotton candy at your wedding can help you...

  • Save money - bottomless drinks can cost a pretty penny, but we can serve up to 80 guests for just $210.
  • Keep the venue clean - unlike booze, cotton candy won't slosh everywhere.
  • Bring out your inner child - boozy cotton candy is a fun twist on a classic treat.

Call 318-758-2283 now to select a cotton candy catering package that fits your wedding budget.

Something to know before you book us

We require a 50% nonrefundable deposit on cotton candy catering services. However, our packages are affordable, so you won't pay a fortune upfront.

To book a unique caterer for your wedding in Shreveport, LA, contact Cotton Candy Crush today.